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HorsePower Herbs' vision for all equines is for a healthy, balanced, nurtured existence in the care of man and nature.

Parasitic Infection and EPM

Aparasite is an organism that lives at the expense of its host. For the parasite the host is the total environment. The total number of parasite species is enormous. Protozoa are single-celled organisms that can affect the body at a cellular level, causing problems in the circulatory, endocrine, and gastrointestinal system.

Migration to lungs, heart, brain, and liver may cause health disturbances. Symptoms can include weight loss (worms compete for food), poor appetite from gastrointestinal discomfort, coughing, allergies, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, anemia, and colic.

Worms are a predisposing cause in 90% of all intestinal colic. Parasitic cysts can lodge in joint and muscle and create inflammation and pain due to a chronic immune reaction to this infestation. Parasitic “nests” can infect the guttural pouch, lung sacs, and organ systems

EPM(Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis) is caused by a protozoa named Sarcocystis (neurona) with infiltrates the brain and spinal cord. This protozoan is a parasite of opossums. It may also be distributed by birds. The infected EPM horse usually develops weakness, lameness, and muscle wasting, as well as highly variable neurological signs such as stumbling, falling, head shaking, and head tilt.

Parasitic myeloencephalitis is similar to EPM but caused by the larval stages of Strongyles. Vulgaris, Habronema, Hypoderma, and other worms that migrate aimlessly throughout the brain and spinal cord. The symptoms are closely related to EPM.

HorsesStrongyles are a species of round worm that cause extreme harm as they travel through the horse’s circulatory system, damaging blood vessels. The larvae of the small worms remain in the gut wall. The larvae of the blood worms penetrate the wall of the intestine and enter the arteries that supply blood to the digestive system. Other species migrate to the liver, flanks, and tissues around the kidneys and pancreas.

Other parasites include:
  • Thread worms — Create foal diarrhea
  • Bot flies — Cause gastrointestinal stress and infestation.
  • Pinworms — Cause tail rubbing and itches
  • Lung Worms — Create a persistent cough. Can be spread by donkeys.
  • Tape Worms — Cause bowel obstruction.
  • Ticks and external parasites — Cause anemia and 35 infectious diseases.

Protoproof is an organic combination of herbs formulated to kill and remove parasites from the horse’s system. Herbal wormers have been widely used for centuries to rid the body of parasitic invasion. Vermicides destroy parasites and vermifuges expel or repels intestinal parasites. Parasites thrive in a low oxygen environment feeding on the host, sugars, and yeast. ProtoProof increases oxygen to the tissues and provides herbs that destroy yeast overgrowth. VISIT OUR E-STORE TO ORDER.

In nature, horses survive on bitter, fresh grasses, roots, and herbs that are disagreeable to parasites. Stalled equines eat large amounts of sweet feed, grain, fermented feeds, and dried hay. Partially undigested grain is the perfect food for worms and parasites. Acid suppressing drugs destroy the correct ratio of acid needed to keep parasites in check and encourage optimum digestion.

ProtoProof supplies herbs that relax and strengthen intestinal tissues depleted by parasites and chemical wormers. For best results ProtoProof is used during the full moon phase when parasites are in their most active state.

Features and benefits of the natural ingredients of ProtoProof::

  • destroys parasitic invasion
  • useful for digestive complaints, anti-inflammatory, treats anemia
  • oxygenates the blood helping to kill parasites
  • expels tapeworm, ringworm, pinworms
  • kills the candida albicans virus
  • destroys excessive toxins
  • promotes overall feeling of well-being
  • Powerful anti-spasmodic
  • reduces respiratory infestation
  • builds immune system
  • good for colic and intestinal distress
  • treats anemia associated with parasitic depletion
  • rids intestinal tract of mucous, expels gas, aids digestion

Directions for use: For best results, give one 70cc scoop 2x a day in moist feed, three weeks out of the month including the entire full moon phase.

All with no side effects. PROTOPROOF™ is formulated only with natural ingredients

Catherine McGlory
HorsePower Herbs
+1 561-385-6479


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