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Hi Cathy,

I have been using HorsePowerHerbs on my Thoroughbred performance horse for about 8 months now and she has made a total body transformation. Along with the performance feed that she is on, the Herbals you offer have improved her coat, attitude and most importantly, overall health far beyond what it ever was in the three years that I've owned her.

I've included a couple recent pictures of her having fun in the pasture. She looks incredible! Many thanks for your wonderful products!

Amy Brachthauser (2 pictures of her horse, Jewel, below...)


Amy's Horse, Jewel


Jewel again.




Here is a picture of your number one Fan ZAN BAY FRECKLES aka Kid and my Friend Sherri Dean at the AW4D Finals in Waco, TX in 2003 winning his first saddle



My 2 year old hannoverian colt (full brother is stallion in Finnland) has bee selected for the Hannoverian Stallion approval end of October. keep your thumbs crossed. This is the last foal of Misty, who died last year. enclosed a picture of a the colt the Jessica with Ruby , they are doing just great. She is now finishing the dirt

Petra horse
Petra horse
Petra horses
Petra horse


More Pictures to be added as we go!







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