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HorsePower Herbs' vision for all equines is for a healthy, balanced, nurtured existence in the care of man and nature.

Addressing Nervous Disorders & Stress in Horses

Many of the nervous disorders in the performance horse are a result of unnatural forms of repeated stress, coupled with feed deficiencies. Horses pushed to extremes react in somewhat complicated ways. Weaving, head shaking, stall walking, cribbing, and spinning are not events seen in a horse in the wild. The delicate system of the flight animal has a saturation point (the breaking point) that varies according to various stressors acting on the sympathetic nervous system.

The importance of nervine formulas with performances horses is often excluded from the horse’s nutritional program. Hot feeds, excessive sugars, chemicals, drugs, high levels of hormones, pain, fear, exhaustion, mineral deficiency, separation anxiety, and mare heat, play a large role in the “uneasy” horse.

Orthodox drugs (ace) or any of the family of promazines have various side effects including impaired reflexes and balance, and other unpredictable reactions such as stumbling, falling, and over-reaching during exercise. Promazine tranquilizers may block learned behavior during lessons or training (promazines are known to block conditioned responses and returns to undesired behavior). Promazines cannot be used safely in horses that have received worming preparations containing phenothiazine or piperazine, as this greatly increases toxicity. VISIT OUR E-STORE TO ORDER

It is a little known fact tat the effect of tranquilizers is cumulative. Horses may show residual effects that require decreasing the dose of tranquilizer. Also horses can test positive for weeks after the drug is withdraw, unless they received only one dose.

BombProof™ is the perfect formula for behavior modification without dangerous side effects. BombProof is a classic herbal nervine product that quiets nerves with a soothing blend of natural tranquilizers with sedative qualities. This balanced formula is helpful with nervous, high strung, irritable equines.

Equestrians & RidersBombProof can be used safely for the following:

  • High blood pressue
  • Nervous conditions (lowers motor nerve activity)
  • Brain inflammation

BombProof Helps with the following:

  • vitalize the sympathetic nervous system
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Relieves exhaustion
  • Calms hysteria

All with no side effects. BOMBPROOF is formulated only with natural ingredients

Catherine McGlory
HorsePower Herbs
+1 561-385-6479


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