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HorsePower Herbs' vision for all equines is for a healthy, balanced, nurtured existence in the care of man and nature.

Lung Proof™
Respiratory Problems in Performance Horses.
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At a full gallop the horse takes one breath during each complete stride. The quality of that breath and the reach of the horse’s stride depends to a large extent on the depth of it’s lung power. Congestion, allergens, and weakened or ruptured cappillaries minimize the true capacity of air required for motion. The content of air in the lungs must be free of debris, mucous, blood, dust, and infection in order to achieve a true quality respiration. Diminished lung capacity resuts in decreased oxygen supply, shortened stride and onset fatigue. Forced breathing leads to respiratory distress and bleeding which quickly shuts down the airways.

Many bronchial dialators stress the immune system by raising blood pressure, causing extreme sweating and mineral loss. These same dialators keep unnecessary pressure on the cappillaries (raising blood pressure) which prevents complete healing. In nature, horses that bleed will choose astringent herbs that quickly heal cappillaries.

“Nature takes the shortest route” with healing. Drugs interrupt this process and are toxic in nature which forces the horse’s system to eliminate them. This uses up the valuable metabolic repair energy which would normally be used to heal the system. With herbs the healing is complete, rather than interrupted and slowed by drugs that have no identifiable healing intelligence code in the horse’s body.These drugs are symptomatic in approach and do not rebuild the structure of the cappillaries or lung tissue.The intelligence of plant life makes new cells. (Herbs with high allantoin content stimulate new cell growth.)

LungProof is a formula that provides herbs that increase respiratory power by reducing inflammation and increasing oxygen flow. LungProof has antibacterial suport and herbs that clean and tone the respiratory tract. LungProof encourages the removal of allergen producing waste products held in lung tissure. It contains astringent herbs that shrink inflamed tissues, powerful blood cleansers, and immune builders.

The integrity of cell strength is helped by including unprocessed, untreated essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6 into the equine's diet. (Equus Oil provides these in the correct ratio.) These healing fats are a basic requirement in repair of all body tissue.

To order LUNGPROOF, please visit our E-STORE.

That which affects the kidney in a negative way will also disrupt lung function as both kidney and lung work as a team. All the vaporizing power of the lung relies on the energy of the kidney. Maintenance of a healthy kidney includes good water, clean food source, food sourced electrolytes, low sugar feeds (hay and grain), and herbal supplementation. Damaging and irritating drugs which overwork the kidneys must be reduced. Horses will drink more when fed food sourced electrolytes.

Dosage: LungProof should be given twice daily in moist feed,   in the first month of usage. Once the lung power improves dose decreases to one serving daily. Continue to use one serving while horse is in active training in performance sports. One serving is 70ccs. (1/3 cup.) Benefits Bleeders, Respiratory cases, and allergry prone equines.

For more information on LUNGPROOF™, please visit our Product Page.

To order LUNGPROOF, please visit our E-STORE.

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