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HorsePower Herbs' vision for all equines is for a healthy, balanced, nurtured existence in the care of man and nature.

Hormonal Balance for the Mare's Reproductive System

The reproductive system of the mare includes the clitoris, vulva, vagina, cervix uterus, fallopian tubes, ovaries and mammary glands. The cervix acts as the protective barrier preventing contaminants from entering the uterus. The length of the estrus cycle [heat] averages 21-22 days. With estrus itself lasting 5-7 days, ovulation generally occurs 24-48 hours before the end of the mare’s estrus.

During estrus the mare ovulates, secreting a lubricating fluid into the lower genital tract, and then becomes sexually receptive to the male. The physiological season for breeding stock is normally April-October.

In nature mares respond to increasing periods of light in the spring by slowly establishing cyclic ovarian activity. Most regulated breeding seasons begin in February. Only 20-25% of mares develop signs of heat and ovulation in January and February. 90% of estrus periods occurring during the summer months result in ovulation. Irregularities in the estrus cycle of the mare are strongly tied to season, but are also affected by nutrition, climate changes, and irregular hormone levels brought on by abnormal levels of stress and stress hormones.

Among the three groups of estrus behavior patterns, considerable overlap exists in both behavior and ovarian activity:


Polyestrous mares:   Regular cycles throughout the year. Variations within normal limits. End of the winter secretions usually scant.

Seasonally polyestrous mares:   Definite cyclic period. Non-cyclic period varies greatly, between 40-120 days. In rare cases 8 months. Some mares have considerable ovarian activity during winter months and with some, cycling may be abrupt after winter. Others vacillate until intense standing heat is evident. A prolonged heat produces little follicular development.

Seasonally polyestrous mares with erratic reproductive patterns. Includes heat without ovulation, ovulation without heat, irregularities in response to stallion when teased. Many of these mares are in a non-fertile condition.

MareProof™: is a hormonal balancer tailored to the needs of these three groups. MareProof is designed to soothe, balance, and nurture the entire reproductive system. It contains tonic and building herbs with no harsh stimulants.

Mare & Offspring

Some of the effects of the All-Natural Ingredients of MareProof™

  • Tones smooth muscles of the uterus
  • Maintains proper balance of mare hormones
  • Strengthens entire reproductive system
  • Soothes urinary mucous membranes
  • Prevents uric acid crystals
  • Eliminates sediment in the kidney passageways
  • shrinks inflamed tissues
  • Helps blood circulation
  • Prevents fatigue.
  • Relieves muscle tension (involuntary spasms)
  • Complete blood builder. Enzyme support

To Order MAREPROOF™, please visit our e-Store.


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