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HorsePower Herbs' vision for all equines is for a healthy, balanced, nurtured existence in the care of man and nature.

Mucous In The Performance Horse

The process by which mucous is formed is pretty straight forward. Any substance that is pro inflammatory (inhaled, ingested, injected) including allergens (pollen, mold), pollutants (toxic chemicals) drugs, processed or rancid feed, a bacteria or virus, will activate the mucous membranes to produce a protective coat of mucous to help heal and protect the irritated tissue. The trouble is the excess mucous supports a breeding ground for bacteria which further irritates the tissue, in turn creating more mucous.

Pretty soon we are dealing with a lung infection or lung congestion, which damages the lining of the lung. This can lead to coughing ,shortness of breath and bleeding. Certainly performance will be hampered as the mucous fills the space reserved for air and the air sacs are damaged by excess pressure.

Typically a change in the weather, especially cooler air will activate mucous production when the colder air hits the air sacs. Horses in stalled areas exchange bacteria with every breath. When the horse coughs, the nerve endings designed to detect when coughing is necessary become irritated, inflaming lung tissue. This inflammation compresses the nerve endings that send messages to the brain that more coughs are in order. The initial productive coughing that first served to get the mucous out of the lungs now only further irritates the lungs in an unproductive cycle.

Coughing is a symptom, not a disease. Coughing is evidence that there is
inflammation, infection, debris, blood, a tumor or mucous in the lungs.

Bronchodilators can be useful for short term events but are symptomatic in approach and never address the underlying condition. Clembuterol raises the blood pressure which does not allow the capillaries to heal completely after a horse has bled or had a bout with mucous.

MucousProof works by stimulating the movement of mucous out of the chest cavity. The herbs in the formula increase expectoration, dissolve phelm, and provide mucilage for irritated tissue.Rich in anti-bacterial herbs, MucousProof kills off the bad bugs while strengthening the immune system. MucousProof helps to dry up the mucous without residual side effects, leaving the lungs clear, disinfected and toned. VISIT OUR E-STORE TO ORDER.

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